New era of personalized epilepsy management

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Pubblished: 2022-05-10

4 minutes


This is Harmonia Mentis podcast, the series where we will bring you tips and information about psychiatric, CNS and Global MentalHealth world.

Prof. Dr. Steinhoff Bernhard

Today’s talk is about "New era of personalised epilepsy management" with Prof. Dr. Steinhoff Bernhard from Kork Epilepsy Center, Kehl-Kork, Germany.

Titolo podcast

SW11058P April 2022

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Chen Z, Rollo B, Antonic-Baker A, Anderson A, Ma Y, O'Brien TJ, GeZ, WangX, Kwan P. New era of personalisedepilepsymanagement. BMJ. 2020 Oct9;371:m3658. doi: 10.1136/bmj.m3658. PMID: 33037001; PMCID: PMC7541035. 

SW11058P April 2022

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